Get to know us.Who we are, authentically.

RevROC is an innovative, overachieving team of experienced hotel industry experts, established to provide superior hotel revenue management services to incredible clients in a competitive and entrepreneurial world.

In this industry, there’s more to success than one-off wins like a solid marketing plan and a great-looking website. (But, rest assured, we can guide with those, too.)

Rich Rebidue
Chief Executive Officer

Why Us? Your bottom line matters.

At RevROC, we believe success lies in the day-to-day decisions and small details that impact and determine your top-line revenue.


You’ll gain access to essential services at negotiated margins.

You can reduce your in-house payroll while outsourcing to revenue management professionals.

You believe dynamic, up-to-the-minute technology is essential to your company’s success.

You need a strategic partner who’ll maximize results with data driven strategies.